It’s been so long!

That’s an understatement. Sorry for my absence but I been writing and writing and writing. And so I’ve been absent from media which I shouldn’t do. That’s a big no-no. No excuses it’s like born caught they’re like blank blank blank–fill in the blank. You get what I mean.

So I added the hell out of my novel titled: Whatever it Takes. But I had a lot of help along the way. I’m not gonna lie writing is hard but I love it.

So the book is live in on Amazon for presale they Kindle version and the soft copy. I’m also going to be hiring a publicist. So I can get help to get the word out. So any help I can get out there would be much appreciated. The book may not be for everyone but just saying hey I know someone who is an author just published. And this is her story Phyllis give her hand or whatever.

My journey to write this story started with distress. My husband for many years, 20+ nodding left me but the family and devastated all of us. As one thing about me when I fall in love, I fall in hard. But instead of crumbling and crying I poured the energy into writing a story, a fictional one at that. And within six months my story was born. Was born caught

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