Month: August 2015

Put your book description through the wringer

Just like your book, your book description should go through several (or more) drafts. Don’t settle on the first thing that comes to you. Work for it! How have you crafted a memorable book description? Share your book description, and some thoughts about how you came up with it, in the comments below.

Set the mood

Should we expect candlelit dinner and smooth jazz? Or the buzz of a tattoo shop? Or wind whipping a mountain pass? Try to capture something visceral about the world your readers will inhabit. Even if it’s just one or two details, get MOOD into your book description!

It’s about crisis, not resolution

Whether you’re writing a handbook for electricians or a paranormal romance, you’ll intrigue readers by making them ask the question: “How does someone deal with the circumstance or problems presented in this book?” Your book description should lead us to that question, not answer it!